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Web Development

Websites of my own design and implementation...


Logos that I have designed or improved upon...

The Yarn Squad logo before cleanup The Yarn Squad logo after cleanup

Sep. 2020

The first logo shows how it was pre-cleanup, as opposed to the second image, which is post-cleanup. I sharpened the text, made the background transparent, and made the orange seem a bit more artistic and geometric using some color gradients.

"Maggie’s eye for color and design is refreshing."
Dawn Strefling

Dos Perros Coffee Logo (two dogs and a barrel of coffee beans in the background)

Jun. 2020

Dos Perros Coffee company provided me with a drawing of two dogs and asked me to turn it into a proper logo. I sent them numerous variations with different fonts, colors, etc. and this was the final product.

Morning Owls (white silhouette of two owls on a turquoise background)

Dec. 2019

This turqoise/aqua logo can be used interchangeably with a similar purple version depending on the color behind it. This flexibility has served Morning Owls Web Development well.

Gecko Ind. Logo (Black silhouette of a gecko making the 'G' in 'Gecko')

May 2016

This logo set the tone for the Gecko Ind. website, which came about three years later, and was my first digital logo design. I was eleven years old at the time.

Where it All Began

A simple drawing of a pug face using colored pencils.

Apr. 2015

This was the logo I designed for my very first business venture (a gourmet dog treat business called Mooshu's Munchies). I was 10 years old and in love with colored pencils.

Custom Graphics

I can create custom icon-like graphics for use on websites. All shown examples can be seen at

custom icons showing blocked websites via Parental Watch by Gecko Ind. custom icons showing browsing history custom icon showing happy icon-people with laptops.


Pre-Covid, I was a semi-frequent attendee at open-mic nights...

"Gleymmerei" is an original song of mine, and this was its debut.

This song is special because I had never played with these people before (Jack Pledge on guitar and Arty Harpman on the harmonica). It was an improvised collaboration.