The Hazy Blues

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The Hazy Blues

The Hazy Blues is an acoustic guitar band in San Antonio, TX. They play popular songs you know and love as well as their own original work. Morning Owls began working on their site in January 2020 and by February they were up and running and feeling excited. Then Covid-19 appeared. Melissa and Javier didn’t stop there though. They forged ahead using this forced down-time to work on their original music.

The Hazy Blues website is filled with color that reflects their fun style. From the hazy way the background changes from yellow to blue to white, to the buttons that change color when activated. Their mascot, Rock N. Rollin, plays a prominent role throughout.

This Tier 2 website design is a great example of the customization that goes into each of our website designs. Their site includes videos, pictures, a newsletter sign-up, a dynamic Events page, a blogging gallery, and a Book the Band form for an easy way for booking agents to get in touch.


The Hazy Blues came to us for a website after they had already commissioned their fabulous mascot, Rocky. His playful, laid-back demeanor set the tone of the website.

Blue chameleon that is The Hazy Blues' mascot.

Maggie, our on-site, super skilled photo editor, took their original logo and made various edits which allowed us to utilize his image and the specialized text in various places, ways, and colors throughout the website.

Custom Design

The Hazy Blues’ website is the hub of their band’s brand. It consists of a landing page, an Events page, and a Gallery where they can highlight and thank their friends and fans for joining in on the fun. We placed social media links, a Book the Band form, and a newsletter sign-up where you can become an official Hazy-Head.

Landing Page

The Hazy Blues’ landing page introduces the band members, shares videos of several of their original songs, and leads the reader to the Book the Band form. When the band has upcoming gigs or events they will automatically populate on the landing page so viewers will see them right away.

Events Page

The Events page is a dynamic page that is easy for the band to use and informative for their fans. To set up the event they just fill in a few text boxes, add a picture, and submit. Morning Owls’ code automatically formats the information and displays it on the Events page AND the landing page. When the event date has passed our code will automatically update the site and remove the event from view. When the band finds an idle time in their schedule with no upcoming gigs an automatic ‘stay tuned’ type message appears on the Events page and the events section on the landing page disappears from view.

The Gallery is a blog page where Melissa and Javier can share their stories and experiences, thank their fans, and connect with their audience.

Newsletter Sign-Up

The Newsletter sign-up is key to building and retaining your fan base. The Newsletter allows your fans to be the first to hear the stories and the first to know about the gig.

The sign-up is visible on each page of the website and has spam protection to minimize bot entries.

Book the Band Form

A Book the Band form allows bookers and agents an easy way to contact the band.

Our Tier 2 package is for the small business that wants to engage the audience and has a service or product to sell or promote. The Tier 2 package gives you two dynamic post types allowing you to blog in one and have products, classes, or services in another. It also comes with an email sign-up for building customer relationships.

Each of our packages comes with one year of hosting, site management, and system updates so you can focus on your own business and let Morning Owls worry about keeping your site operational.

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