Standing Out From the Crowd

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Author: Morning Owls

Are you an artist trying to get in front of the crowd? Trying to make yourself visible in a vast sea of other artists?

If you are stuck depending on social media sites to promote your band, your art, or your craft then it’s time to break the mold and stand out from the crowd. The best way to do that is with your own website.

Born to Stand Out by Joy Pesaturo
Born to Stand Out by Joy Pesaturo

This excellent article at TuneCore explains all the reasons you need your own website and Morning Owls Web Development wants to be there to help.

Some Tips for Getting Started On Your Artist Website
by Kevin Cornell

Don’t have time to read the article? Let me hit the key points for you:

  • To stand out in the crowd you need your own website.
    • Social platforms are a great way to promote and connect with your audience but if every artist is using the same platform then noone is standing out.
  • Improved searchability
    • Google gives more privilege to official web pages over third party profiles.”
  • Selling merchandise
    • Create a revenue stream based on your brand selling your product in an organized and easy to find way.

A few weeks ago we wrote about our experience searching Etsy for one of their artists who doesn’t make their ‘top producer’ list. Even searching their exact name didn’t bring them into the return list. But having your own website gives you a bullhorn that helps promote your brand the way you want.

Morning Owls Web Development can take your vision and turn it into a website that promotes you, gives you a space to sell your merchandise and information, and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

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