Grabbing Attention With Better Headlines

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Author: Morning Owls

Scanning through a daily feed is becoming a daunting task. Time is short and information is growing. What is going to get your readers valuable attention?

First Impressions are Important

Marcus Taylor at Venture Harbour lays out some great suggestions on how to improve your headline writing prowess.

These 6 stood out to me.

Use numbers, and make them BIG

Place the number at the start of the headline

Teach people something useful (DIY, ‘Beginners Guide’, ‘How To’)

Make your headlines work out of context – meaning the headline should give an idea of the article or posting

Opt for as few words as possible

Write something that people will want in their newsfeed

To read more check out his entire article, 19 Ways to Write Irresistible Headlines .

Headlines are your readers first impression and may be the only reason they stop and click.

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