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A linkstack is the answer to Instagram’s one-link rule. It’s a stylized page of your website that displays all your important links, right away.

Our linkstack provides space for up to 10 links to cover all your important connections, plus options for email and tips or donations. And because it’s part of your website there is no third-party advertisement.


With a Linkstack by Morning Owls your domain name is front and center instead of being an add-on to a third-party application. This improves your SEO and allows your user to focus on your content instead of the application.

With your very own Linkstack you are assured that your brand is the FIRST brand being promoted.

Collect Tips

Collecting tips is a vital part of being a performer. Creating a QRCode that takes the user directly to your Linkstack is a quick way for them to tip you as well as have a link to all your music download channels.

Not Just for Musicians

Linkstacks can be used in any number of ways. You can list your top selling products, classes, or services. Or maybe you want to highlight your latest article. You can even post event dates so your followers can find you right away.

Linkstacks are flexible.


Similar services charge $70 – $80 a year and you have to build it yourself. At Morning Owls you pay a one-time setup fee of $50 and we create your customized look that compliments your website. Afterwards, you can add or change your links as often as you like.

If a Linkstack is something you are interested in, please contact Dana at for more information.

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